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[texts]The Mongolian Names and Terms in the History of the Nation of the Archers by Grigor of Akanc' - Francis Woodman Cleaves
This important article by Francis Woodman Cleaves was published in the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies vol. 12, #3-4 (1949) pp. 400-443, then subsequently in a book together with Robert P. Blake's translation of Aknerts'i [History of the Nation of the Archers (the Mongols) by Grigor of Akants', hitherto ascribed to Maghak'ia the Monk, the Armenian text edited with an English translation and notes by Robert P...
Keywords: Mongols; Turco-Mongolica; Mongolia; Turkic; Altaica; Armenia; Armenian; History; Cilicia
Downloads: 244
[texts]The Seljuqs - Herbert M. J. Loewe
This study, which appeared as Chapter 10b in Volume 4 of the Cambridge Medieval History (Cambridge, 1923), was written by the historian Herbert M. J. Loewe. Chapter 10b ["The Seljuqs"]/Saljuqs/Seljuks covers the 9th-13th centuries. Topics includes: Importance of the Seljuqs; Decay of the Caliphate; The Shi'ites; Islam saved by the Seljuqs; The dynasty of Seljuq; Tughril Beg; The Vezier Nizam al-Mulk; Alp Arslan; Malik Shah; Intrigues of Turkan Khatun; Barkiyaruq: civil wars; Muhammad; Sanjar, th...
Keywords: History; Historical; Medieval; Turks; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica; Invasions; Arabs; Islam; Caliphate
Downloads: 608
[texts]Etude sur Thomas de Medzoph, et sur son Histoire de l'Armenie au XVe siecle, d'apres deux manuscrits de la Bibliotheque Imperiale - Felix Neve
This study by the Orientalist Felix Neve appeared in Journal Asiatique V 6(1855) pp. 221-281. It is a description of the History of Tamerlane and His Successors by T'ovma of Metsop' (1378-1446), an Armenian cleric and historian, in 62 pdf pages. A full English translation of T'ovma's work is available as another Internet Archive download: search on "History of Tamerlane and His Successors." Article extracted and uploaded by user Robert Bedrosian.
Keywords: History; Historical; Armenia; Armenian; Medieval; Turco-Mongolica; Altaica; Mongols; Invasions; Church; Iran; Iranian; Persia; Persian; Tamerlane
Downloads: 217
[texts]Patmut'iwn Lank-T'amuray ew yajordats' iwrots', arareal T'ovma vardapeti Metsobets'woy [The History of Tamerlane and His Successors by Vardapet T'ovma Metsobets'i] - Thomas (T'ovma) of Metsob
K. Shahnazarean, ed. (Paris, 1860). This is the Classical Armenian text of an eye-witness (T'ovma Metsop'ets'i/Metsobets'i, 1378-1446) to Tamerlane's invasions of the Caucasus and Armenian Highlands. 141 pdf pages. Book digitized by Google and uploaded by user Robert Bedrosian. [Note: an English translation of this work is also available as an Internet Archive download. Search on T'ovma].
Keywords: History; Historical; Medieval; Altaica; Timur; Tamerlane; Timurid; Turco-Mongolica; Ottomans; Armenia; Armenian; Grabar
Downloads: 162
[texts]Muslim Civilisation during the Abbasid Period - Thomas W. Arnold
This study, which appeared as Chapter 10a in Volume 4 of the Cambridge Medieval History (Cambridge, 1923), was written by the historian Thomas W. Arnold. Chapter 10a ["Muslim Civilisation during the Abbasid Period"] covers the 8-13th centuries. Topics includes: The Abbasid Empire; Character of the Abbasid dynasty; Decline of the Abbasid Caliphate; Ascendancy of the Buwaihids; The Seljuq Empire; The Mongol Conquests; Muslim political theory; Theory of the Caliphate; Organisation of administrative...
Keywords: History; Historical; Civilization; Culture; Early Medieval; Arabs; Islam; Caliphate; Turks; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica
Downloads: 1,576
[texts]The Mongols - Herbert M. J. Loewe
This study, which appeared as Chapter 20 in Volume 4 of the Cambridge Medieval History (Cambridge, 1923), was written by the historian Herbert M. J. Loewe. Chapter 20 ["The Mongols"] covers the 12th-15th centuries. Topics include: Character of Mongol history; Extent of the Mongol invasions; Unification of Asia; Mongol and Tartar; Other tribes in the Mongol Confederation; Jenghiz Khan; Conquest of Turkestan and Khwarazm; Empire of Jenghiz Khan; Conquest of Northern China; Advance westward; Invasi...
Keywords: History; Historical; Medieval; Mongols; Turks; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica; Arabs; Islam; Caliphate
Downloads: 1,500
[texts]Les Mongols d'apres les historiens armeniens; fragments traduits sur les textes originaux - Edouard Dulaurier
This study appeared in Journal Asiatique 11(1858) pp. 192-255, 426-473, 481-508 and JA 16(1860) pp. 273-322. The author, the noted historian, Egyptologist, and Armenist, Edouard Dulaurier (1808-1881), translated extensive extracts from two invaluable Armenian historical sources of the 13th century pertaining to the Mongols: Kirakos Ganjakets'i and Vardan Arewelts'i ("the Easterner"). 192 pdf pages...
Keywords: History; Historical; Medieval; Mongols; Mongolian; Armenia; Armenian; Cilicia; Middle East; Turco-Mongolica; Altaica; Nomads
Downloads: 346
[texts]A new species of Fannia Robineau-Desvoidy (Diptera: Fanniidae) from the Altai Mountains, Western Siberia, Russia - Adrian C. Pont, Nikita E. Vikhrev
A new species, Fannia altaica, is described from the area of Lake Zerlyukolâ-Nur in the Altai Mountains of Western Siberia, at 2300-2400 m. It is compared with the closely similar Fannia brinae Albuquerque, from the European Alps.
Keywords: Diptera; Fanniidae; Fannia altaica; new species; alpine tundra; Altai Mountains; Russia
Downloads: 60
[texts]Tovma Metsobets'i's History of Tamerlane and His Successors - Thomas (T'ovma) of Metsob, Robert Bedrosian, translator
T'ovma Metsobets'i's History describes events taking place on the Armenian highlands and in Georgia during the Turco-Mongol invasions of Timur Leng (1386-87, 1394-96, and 1399-1403). These invasions were made upon a society which already had been gravely weakened by the preceding decades of warfare and persecution from Turkmen, Kurdish, and Ottoman groups now resident in the area, and from Mongols of the Golden Horde in the north Caucasus...
Keywords: History; Historical; Medieval; Tamerlane; Armenia; Armenian; Georgia; Georgian; Caucasus; Caucasian; Asia Minor; Mongols; Turkic Peoples; Turco-Mongolica; Altaica
Downloads: 491
[texts]The Ottoman Turks to the Fall of Constantinople [1453] - Edwin Pears
This study, which appeared as Chapter 21 in Volume 4 of the Cambridge Medieval History (Cambridge, 1923), was written by the historian Edwin Pears. Chapter 21, "The Ottoman Turks to the Fall of Constantinople" [1453], covers the 13th-15th centuries. Topics include: Infiltration of Turkish nomads into Asia Minor; Ertughril; Accession of Osman; The Catalan Grand Company; First entry of Turks into Europe, 1308; Progress of Osman; Capture of Brusa; Capture of Nicaea; Capture of Nicomedia; Orkhan sty...
Keywords: History; Historical; Medieval; Mongols; Turks; Turkish; Turkey; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica; Ottomans; Asia Minor; Byzantine; Byzantium; Armenia; Armenian
Downloads: 1,644 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians - J. B. Bury
This material is presented in fifteen very readable lectures delivered by the great historian J. B. Bury. The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians (London, 1928) contains: 1. The Germans and Their Wanderings; 2. The Roman Empire and the Germans; 3. The Clash of Roman and Barbarian; 4. The Visigothic Entry into the Empire; 5. The Raiding of Italy and Gaul; 6. The Visigoths in Italy and Gaul; 7. Gaul, Spain, and Africa in Transition; 8...
Keywords: History; Medieval; Europe; European; Invasions; Barbarian; Caucasus; Caucasian; nomads; Huns; Avars; Altaica; Turkic; Roman; Republic; Empire; Byzantium; Byzantine; Iran; Persia
Downloads: 1,125
[texts]The Turco-Mongol Invasions and the Lords of Armenia in the 13th-14th Centuries - Robert Bedrosian
Robert Bedrosian's Ph.D. dissertation (Columbia University, 1979), Zipped HTML files, or pdf format available. This study has two principal aims. A review of the salient political and military events associated with the Turco-Mongol invasions of Armenia is one aim. Who were the invaders, and in what ways were they alike and dissimilar? The second aim of the study is an examination of the impact(s) of the invasions and domination(s) of the 13-14th centuries on Armenia's lordly naxarar rulers...
Keywords: Armenian history; Turco-Mongolica; Turkish history; Mongol history; Altaica; Armenian Lords; Saljuqs; Mongols; Timurids; Azerbaijan; Invasions; Caucasus
Downloads: 379
[texts]Mythology of All Races volume 4 - Uno Holmberg
Volume 4 (Boston, 1927; repr. 1964) contains two sections, both written by the distinguished ethnographer and folklorist Uno Holmberg: Finno-Ugric Mythology and Siberian Mythology. Includes notes, bibliographies, illustrations, and plates, in 722 searchable pdf pages. Book scanned and uploaded by user Robert Bedrosian. The thirteen volumes of this magnificent series were issued under the editorship of Louis H...
Keywords: Mythology; Myths; Folklore; Legends; Ethnography; Finland; Finnish; Ugrian; Finno-Ugric; Siberia; Siberian; Shaman; Shamanism; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica
Downloads: 869
[texts]A Rare Thirteenth Century History of the Seljuqs - E. G. Browne
This article appeared in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (1902) pp. 567-610 and 849-887. It is a translation and sometimes summary of the text of a rare or unique Persian manuscript which presents a history of the Seljuqs from the beginning of the dynasty down to the author's own time, around 1197. It was written in the year 1202-3. The manuscript itself is also 13th century, dated A.H. 635 (A.D...
Keywords: History; Historical; Medieval; Seljuqs/Saljuqs; Turks; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica; Asia Minor; Turkey; Azerbaijan; Arabs; Islam; Caliphate; Assassins
Downloads: 872
[texts]The Pazyryk Its Use and Origin - Ulrich Schurmann
Text of a paper read during the Symposium of the Armenian Rugs Society, New York, September 26, 1982 by the eminent carpet authority, Ulrich Schurmann. Schurmann demonstrates the likelihood that a 2,500 year old rug (The Pazyryk Carpet) discovered frozen in a tomb in Asia, was made in Urartu, an ancient state around Lake Van in Asia Minor. Graphics in zipped HTML files, prepared and uploaded by user Robert Bedrosian.
Keywords: Rugs; Oriental; Carpets; Ancient; Textiles; Urartu; Urartian; Art; History; Historical; Scythian; Scythia; Armenia; Armenian; Altaica; icegrave; Caucasus; China
Downloads: 332
[unknown]Armenia during the Seljuk and Mongol Periods - Robert Bedrosian
This article was published as Chapter 10 in The Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times Vol.1 Richard G. Hovannisian, ed. (New York, 1997) pp. 241-271. The original pagination and transliteration system of that volume are retained here. The material is based on the author's Ph.D. dissertation, The Turco-Mongol Invasions and the Lords of Armenia in the 13th-14th Centuries (Columbia University, 1979) which is available online, and should be consulted for a more extensive treatment and full do...
Keywords: Armenia; Seljuqs; Mongols; Timurids; Nakharars; Invasions; Asia Minor; Armenian History; Turkish History; Mongol History; Turco-Mongolica; Altaica; Invasions; Medieval History; Caucasus
Downloads: 200
[texts]Armenia during the Seljuk and Mongol Periods - Robert Bedrosian
During the eleventh to fourteenth centuries, Armenia was subjected to a number of attacks and invasions by Turco-Mongol peoples. The most important of these were the invasions of the Seljuks in the second half of the eleventh century, of the Khwarazmians (1225-1230), and of the Mongols (1223-1247). At the end of the fourteenth century, an already exhausted Armenia was devastated again by the Turco-Mongol armies of Timur-Leng...
Keywords: History; Historical; Medieval; Armenia; Armenian; Highlands; Georgia; Georgian; Persia; Persian; Iran; Iranian; Altaica; Saljuq; Turco-Mongolica; Turkey; Invasions; Central Asia; nomadic; Religion; Christianity; Islam; Conversion; heterodox beliefs
Downloads: 391
[texts]Origins of the Turks - E. H. Parker, J. B. Bury
Two fine essays on the early history of the Turks from volumes of the English Historical Review: E. H. Parker's "The Origin of the Turks" (EHR, vol. 11, 1896) pp. 431-445 and J. B. Bury's "The Turks in the Sixth Century" (EHR, vol. 12, 1897) pp. 417-426. Parker meticulously describes and translates portions of Chinese historical sources, while Bury discusses Greek accounts by Menander and Theophylact Simocatta...
Keywords: History; Historical; Late Classical; Early Medieval; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica; Turks; Turkish; Roman; Byzantine; Empire; Byzantium; Armenia; Armenian; Persia; Iran; Georgia; Caucasus
Downloads: 1,021
[texts]The Empire of the Khazars and the Peoples of the North - J. B. Bury
This study, which appeared as Chapter 13 of J. B. Bury's excellent History of the Eastern Roman Empire (London, 1912), examines Arabic, Armenian, Greek, Persian, and Syriac sources on the history of the Turkic Khazar Empire (7-10th centuries). The Khazars, whose leadership converted to Judaism in the 9th century, posed a grave danger at times to Byzantium as well as to the Muslim world. "The Empire of the Khazars and the Peoples of the North" (pages 402-426) treats: 1...
Keywords: History; Medieval; Khazars; Caucasus; Caucasian; Turkic; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica; Judaism; Jews; Armenia; Armenian; Georgia; pre-Turkic Azerbaijan; Byzantium; Byzantine; Empire; Iran; Persia; Caliphate; Russia; Hungary; Magyars; Caspian; Trade
Downloads: 1,962
[texts]The Successors of Justinian - Norman H. Baynes
This study, which appeared as Chapter 9 in Volume 2 of the Cambridge Medieval History (New York, 1913), was written by the distinguished historian Norman H. Baynes. Chapter 9 ["The Successors of Justinian"] describes the period from ca. 565-641. Topics include: Accession and Policy of Justin II; Negotiations with Persia; Avars and Turks; The Persian War; Policy of Tiberius; Tiberius Emperor; Maurice Emperor; Chosroes restored by Maurice; Campaigns on the Danube; Phocas Emperor--Character of Maur...
Keywords: History; Historical; Late Classical; Early Medieval; Roman; Byzantine; Empire; Byzantium; Armenia; Armenian; Persia; Iran; Cappadocia; Iberia; Georgia; Caucasus; Altaica; Avars; Turks; Syria; Africa; Mesopotamia
Downloads: 523
[texts]Fragments de geographes et d'historiens Arabes et Persans inedit, relatifs aux anciens peuples du Caucase et de la Russie meridionale - Charles-Francois Defremery
This study by the noted philologist Charles-Francois Defremery (1822-1888) was serialized in Journal Asiatique, 4th series (Paris, 1849-1851), in volumes 13, 14, 16, and 17. It includes French translations of Arabic and Persian historical works and geographies describing the peoples, tribes, and states of the Caucasus and south Russia. Contents include extracts from: Abu al-Bekri on the Pechenegs, Khazars, Borthas, Bulgars of the Volga and the Danube; from Ibn al-Athir and Ibn Khaldun describing...
Keywords: History; Historical; Medieval; Caucasus; Caucasian; Armenian; Armenia; Georgian; Georgia; Azerbaijan; Arran; Iran; Iranian; Persia; Persian; Turco-Mongolica; Altaica; Islam; Caliphate; Qaqanate
Downloads: 532
[texts]Hetum the Historian's Flower of Histories of the East - Hetum the Historian, Robert Bedrosian, translator
The Flower of Histories of the East first appeared in 1307 in the city of Poitiers. Dictated in French by the Cilician Armenian statesman and general, Het'um, and then translated into Latin the same year by his secretary, Nicholas Falcon, the work is contained in four books. Book I is a geographical survey of fourteen countries of the Far East, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Asia Minor, and parts of the Near East...
Keywords: Hetum; Haython; Haiton; History; Historical; Medieval; Cilicia; Cilician; Mongol; Mongolia; Central Asia; Far East; Crusades; Medieval Geography of Asia; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica
Downloads: 479
[texts]Attila - Ludwig Schmidt
This study, which appeared as Chapter 12b in Volume 1 of the Cambridge Medieval History (Cambridge, 1911), was written by the historian Ludwig Schmidt. Chapter 12b ["Attila"] is a concise and well-documented scholarly account of the life and impact of Attila (406-453) and includes a description of his activities and policies in the Western and Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire. Includes Title Page, Table of Contents, Chapter 12b (pp...
Keywords: History; Historical; Huns; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica; Classical; Medieval; Roman; Byzantine; Empire; Byzantium; Persia; Iran; Armenia; Armenian; Caucasus; Caucasian; Europe; European; Invasions; Barbarian; Nomads
Downloads: 470
[texts]The [Byzantine] Empire and Its Northern Neighbours - Charles Kadlec
This study, which appeared as Chapter 7a in Volume 4 of the Cambridge Medieval History (Cambridge, 1923), was written by the historian Charles Kadlec. Chapter 7a ["The Empire and Its Northern Neighbours"] covers the period from the first through the early eleventh century. Topics include: Scythians and Sarmatians; Alans, Goths, and Huns; Bulgars, Avars, and Turks; The Avars in Europe; Chazars/Khazars and Turks; Growing power of the Khazars; Relations with the Empire; Khazar institutions; Religio...
Keywords: History; Historical; Early Medieval; Byzantine; Empire; Byzantium; Khazars; Avars; Turks; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica; Slavs; Russia; Russian; Magyars; Hungary; Hungarian; Bulgars; Bulgarians; Arabs; Islam; Caliphate; Armenia; Armenians; Caucasus
Downloads: 1,401
[texts]History of the Aghuans - Movses Dasxurantsi; Robert Bedrosian, translator
This History is the sole-surviving written account of a culture now extinct. It is a major source for the history of the indigenous Aghuan people of Caucasia from earliest times to about A.D. 988. Aghuania (also Arran, Aghbania, Caucasian Albania) comprised parts of modern Dagestan and Azerbaijan, Armenia's eastern neighbor. Its ancient peoples and their numerous languages were noted occasionally by classical Greek and Latin authors...
Keywords: History; Historical; Ancient; Medieval; Aghuan; Aghuania; Caucasus; Caucasian; Armenia; Armenian; Arsacids; Iran; Persia; pre-Turkic Azerbaijan; Huns; Khazars; Christianity; Church; Apostles; Pagan; Cults; Anthropology; Caucasian Albania; Caucasian Albanian; Altaica; Babak
Downloads: 694 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Transcaucasica - Vladimir Minorsky
This French-language article appeared in Journal Asiatique (1930) vol. 217 pp. 41-112. Vladimir Minorsky, one of the 20th century's most important specialists on the Caucasus, Iran, and Central Asia, revisited some of the topics presented here in later works; others are treated only in this article. Topics include: the name of Dvin; Sogdabil and Ardabil; the fortress of Alinjak and the Hamsa valley, Tamerlane's campaigns in the Caucasus...
Keywords: History; Historical; Ancient; Medieval; Armenian; Armenia; Georgia; Georgian; Kurdish; Kurds; Kurdistan; Mesopotamia; Mesopotamian; Caucasus; Caucasian; Altaica; Turco-Mongolica; Turkey; Asia Minor; Azerbaijan; Persia; Iran; Persian; Iranian; Zoroastrianism; Christianity; Islam
Downloads: 519
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